Regional Autopsy/Morgue Facility

Around 2009-2010 Coroner Northrup worked with the Champaign County Board and County Administrator on a design for the new coroner's office that would be located within the planned construction of a new building to house the Champaign County Physical Plant, County Clerk Election Supply, and the Champaign County Coroner operations. Prior to that, the coroner's office had been located in three different buildings within an approximate five year period and did not have a dedicated coroner autopsy facility. This required the coroner to transport decedent's out of Champaign County to obtain autopsy services and incur additional costs.

Unfortunately, the original plans for the new coroner facility did not include an autopsy suite therefore requiring the coroner to continue to transport decedent's out of the county for autopsy. Realizing this dilemma, Coroner Northrup presented an alternative plan to the County Board during construction of the new facility outlining minimal changes to the facility that would accommodate an autopsy station. The alternative plans were approved by the Board and within a few months after completion of the building, autopsies were being performed in the new facility.


Once Champaign County autopsies were being performed in the new facility, Coroner Northrup expanded autopsy services to neighboring counties resulting in approximately 8 other county coroners utilizing the Champaign County Regional Morgue Facility and generating additional revenue for Champaign County. Coroner Northrup has further expanded autopsy services over the past 2-3 years to include providing autopsy services for 3 area hospitals and some private autopsies for families.