This page is dedicated to me metaphorically waiting for waves of supporters to come flowing in. If you publicly support my campaign for re-election and are willing to have your name listed on this page, please email, text, or call me and I will add you to the list. Here's to hoping my "ship" comes in on November 3rd!

Dir. of Special Ed. at M-S Schools - Christine Northrup

Chief Deputy Coroner - Steve Thuney

Sr. Medical Secretary - Wendy Fink

Deputy Coroner - Sara Rand

Deputy Coroner - Christen Fairow

Deputy Coroner - Martha Rice

Deputy Coroner/Autopsy Tech - Angela Franklin

Deputy Coroner/Autopsy Tech - Claire Taylor

Forensic Pathologist - Dr. Shiping Bao, M.D.

Iroquois County Coroner - Bill Cheatum

Ford County Coroner - Rick Flessner

Vermilion County Coroner - Jane McFadden

Moultrie County Coroner - Lynn Reed

Kankakee County Coroner - Bob Gessner

Rock Island County Coroner - Brian Gustafson